Top3 airbnb management companies in London - comparison

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Top3 companies for airbnb management in London, as published on TravelMag are:

  • PasstheKeys
  • Airsorted
  • Hostmaker

Original article:

What this does not mention is how fees compare and what are the main drawbacks of working with large management companies that manage hundreds or even thousands of London’s 50k+ airbnb listings.

Hostmaker - From 15% + VAT or 18% incl. VAT (for standard package)

Pass the keys - packages range from 14% (standard) to 24% (premium) plus VAT, which translates to 16.8% and 28% incl. VAT respectively

Airsorted - From 12% + VAT (does not include additional charges like onboarding fee), which is 14.4% incl. VAT for the standard package

At StayinLondon our standard personalised service package is priced at 15% incl. VAT, which is priced as premium at our competitors’.

Below are some issues to consider before choosing to work with large management companies:

  • account management with no direct mobile phone number, which means when you have an issue, you’ll have to call their call center
  • due to large number of properties managed, your account manager will have limited knowledge of your property
  • large airbnb management companies will be reluctant to deal with any maintenance issues or will charge very high fees for it
  • your airbnb profile is unlikely to have a photo/personalised information of the host, just a logo of the management company - not a great experience for the guest
  • listing pricing is likely to be automated - there is unlikely to be a human being looking at your performance on a daily basis to maximise revenue
  • standard packages will not include in-person guest check-in, it will most likely be via a lockbox/keynest key collection
  • cleaners are unlikely to be in-house, so any custom requests like photographs of the property after it had been cleaned, forwarding mail, watering plants etc. are likely to be charged extra

These are just a few issues you might encounter working with large management companies. If you’d like to take a more personalised approach - get in touch with us at StayinLondon!

Get in touch with us for advice and let's discuss the vision for your property!

Through mix of short, medium and longer-term bookings we strive to achieve at least 30% more than your current management company.

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