Short and medium-term rental market trends in London, September 2022

Hi and welcome to StayinLondon blog and our September update!  

September 2022 Market Update

I wanted to give you some information about what's happening in our industry, in short-term and medium term rental marker.  I can say that the market is very strong, occupancy rates in September and also October are in the region of 85 to 90% which is very similar to what we usually have in High season months in the summer. That's great news that confirms that we’re back to pre-pandemic levels of occupancy, also I should note that the booking window is shorter, guests book two or three weeks in advance before their travel commences so it's quite normal that we still have some availability November.

I am confident that that's going to change in the coming weeks. I should also mention that covid cases in UK are very low and it looks like the government is unlikely to introduce any measures that in anyway would affect travel plans so that's also really good news. I've also noticed that we have quite a lot of guests from United States and that's very likely caused by strong dollar and weak pound, I could probably say that up to 20% of all of our guests currently are from United States.

Student Impact on London Rentals

We also started getting requests from students, I they are starting to arrive in London to start studying so we're getting quite a few requests for medium-term stays, so anywhere between one to three-four month, sometimes 6-month stays so that's also good news, it confirms the market is strong for those kinds of stays.  

So if you’re a landlord in London and you are considering putting your property on airbnb market now is a great time so please get in touch with us and I'll be able to give you a quote and we can talk about details how to make them happen. Your property can pay for your holidays, so it's a great time to start planning your break in the winter! #airbnbmanagementlondon #airbnmanagement #stayinlondon

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