Is it a good time to list my London property on airbnb right now?

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I haven't spoken to you in a while and that's mainly because we've been extremely busy especially in the last few months with onboarding new properties and the good news is that the market is actually booming right now in London we have occupancy up to 90% in some of the apartments that we look after. That's mainly because travel restrictions have been lifted and also travel ban to the United States has been lifted, so we were seeing an increased number of Americans booking properties, they feel more confident that they will be able to travel and also there's less testing that's required from November so it makes it a lot easier for people to come to London and experience our beautiful city.

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If you are considering letting your property out on a short term basis now is a great time to do it and if you would like us to give you a personalised offer please get in touch at the address below and we will be able to provide you with a forecast of what your property could generate if we rent it out on a short term basis. Of course we would take care of all of the full management of the property from from listing to taking photographs, communication with the guests, housekeeping and then checking the property after the guests have checked out.

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