How did airbnb management companies adapt in lockdown?

Airbnb host London

Being a small company responding to change can be done quickly in comparison to larger airbnb management companies. At as soon as we saw the decline in short-term bookings we immediately ramped up our effort and visibility on medium-term rental channels, the likes of:

  • - 14.000+ apartments
  • - 55.000+ apartments
  • - 20.000+ apartments

This has proven to be a very successful strategy, as we managed to fill up most of our properties with domestic guests staying from 1 to 4 months. Examples of the type of guests could be a family that was moving house and needed somewhere to stay before their new property was ready. Another guest needed an apartment to stay for a few months as they could not travel back to the United States.

Now that London attractions, restaurants and theatres are re-opening again, we’re noticing a significant increase in reservations, guests visiting their families and loved ones that they couldn’t see for more than 3 months. This is definitely a great sign on the road to recovery of short-term rentals and airbnb management in London.

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Through mix of short, medium and longer-term bookings we strive to achieve at least 30% more than your current management company.

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