How can I find a cleaner/housekeeper for my airbnb apartment in London?

Now that you've setup your listing on airbnb and and ready to welcome new guests - how does one organise cleaning and housekeeping after they've left?

It seems like an easy task to find a local cleaner in London, however what do you do when they are not available and you're away and cannot do it yourself?

Our Experienced Cleaning Recommendation

At we have in-house housekeeping staff, however we also have occasions when we would have 10 same-day checkouts and we simply don't have enough staff to carry out all the tasks.

This is where our trusted partner - - come in. We've worked with this company for over a year and we can definitely recommend them. is a platform that puts hosts and managers in contact with a network of professional cleaning and laundry services here in London. All of their services keep the high expectations of guests` comfort in mind while aiming for the best possible recommendation for your property.

Doinn - Reliable Cleaning Service

Using online platform you can book both linen and housekeeping for a specific time slot for your property in London. That way you can manage same-day check-out of one guest and check-in of the next guest. All by just a few clicks of a button from anywhere in the world!

Check out their website for more details:

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