March 25, 2024

Guide to Hosting Business Travellers on Airbnb in London

Airbnb sets itself apart for business travel through its comprehensive Work collection, specifically tailored to meet the needs of business travellers.  Airbnb for Work enhances the business travel experience by offering a free admin dashboard, price alerts, payment groups, and access to Airbnb for Work experts, ensuring a seamless booking process.  

Airbnb's expansion to increase their tailored options to business travellers and corporate retreats, with latest figures showing over 700,000 companies using the Work service, highlights the growing appeal of Airbnb in the business sector.

Key Features Business Travellers Look for in an Airbnb

To provide for the specific needs of business travellers on Airbnb, hosts in London can focus on several key features that enhance the appeal of their listings:

Essential Amenities for Business:

• High-speed, reliable Wi-Fi and a dedicated workspace with ergonomic support and good lighting are non-negotiable for business travellers needing to work remotely.

• Access to office supplies and equipment such as a printer/scanner, and a comfortable chair can significantly enhance the workspace quality.

Convenience and Comfort:

• Listings should offer self-check-in, ensuring a smooth arrival regardless of the time.

• Essential items like clean towels, linens, toiletries, and safety features including smoke and carbon monoxide alarms create a comfortable and secure environment.

Location and Accessibility:

• Proximity/links to business districts, public transportation, and essential city spots like conference centres are highly sought-after.

• For those with specific needs, including accessibility features such as step-free access and bathroom grab bars can open your listing to a wider audience.

By focusing on these areas, you can make your Airbnb listing in London stand out to business travellers, offering them a seamless and comfortable experience.

Creating a Comfortable Workspace

Creating a comfortable workspace for business travellers on Airbnb involves more than just providing a desk and chair. It's about creating an environment that enhances productivity, comfort, and overall satisfaction during their stay. Here are essential elements to consider:

Workspace Essentials:

• Dedicated Workspace: A simple setup with a table, comfortable chair near a power outlet.

• Internet Connectivity: As we previously mentioned, high-speed Wi-Fi is non-negotiable. Use the Airbnb app's Wi-Fi speed test tool to ensure quality. Consider Wi-Fi boosters for enhanced signal strength.

• Lighting and Ergonomics: Good natural or desk lighting and ergonomic supports like an office chair or laptop stand are important for long working hours.

• Supplies and Tech: Stock up on office supplies (pens, notepads) and tech (extra chargers, smart speakers). A clean, clutter-free desk with a good amount of working space enhances focus.

Additional Comforts:

• Refreshment Station: A coffee maker and tea kettle with supplies can be a delightful addition.

• Quiet and Clean Environment: Consider utilising textiles for noise reduction and ensure regular cleaning for a hygienic workspace.

• Professional Backdrop: For video calls, provide a clean backdrop or a simple background with inoffensive elements like plants or art.

By focusing on these aspects, you can transform your Airbnb listing into a preferred choice for business travellers, ensuring their work needs are met with ease and comfort.

How to Optimise Your Airbnb Listing for Business Travellers

To optimise your Airbnb listing for business travellers, consider implementing these strategies:

Enhance Listing Visibility and Appeal:

• Professional Photography: Capture high-quality images of your space, especially showcasing the dedicated workspace and any new furnishings.

• Update Regularly: Keep your listing fresh with current photos, amenities, and local recommendations, including nearby coworking spaces.

• Clear Communication: Define what a 'Dedicated workspace' entails in your listing and ensure it meets guest expectations.

Improve Airbnb Search Ranking:

• Instant Booking and Response Time: Enable instant booking and respond quickly to inquiries to improve your ranking.

• Guest Reviews and Listing Completeness: Aim for high guest ratings and ensure your listing is detailed and regularly updated.

• Competitive Edge: Set a fair price, use an eye-catching cover photo, and craft a creative title to attract more guests.

Additional Tips for Host Success:

• Customer Service: Prioritise excellent service, friendliness, and flexibility.

• Sign-up for Airbnb for Work: Enrol in Airbnb for Work and utilise its dashboard for better management.

Boost Your Listing with Business Bookings

By implementing the strategies and focusing on the key features discussed, hosts can significantly improve their offering, thereby not only increasing their attractiveness within the competitive Airbnb market but also contributing positively to the overall experience of business travellers in London.

This approach not only benefits the guests but also enriches the hosting experience and boosts your booking rate, making it more rewarding and successful in the long run.

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