A Guide to Writing an Informative Airbnb Listing

Like the power of good coffee, the power of good words can be transformative. When it comes to writing your Airbnb listing the aim is to welcome guests to your space using inviting, appealing language which will encourage them to book your property. If you would like to learn more about how to do this, then follow our handy guide below.

Titles matter:

The title of your Airbnb listing is the first thing that any prospective guest will see. First impressions do matter and therefore an impactful title which captures the atmosphere and quality of your property is essential. Your listing should have an interesting title which compliments your space perfectly and inspires readers to learn more about it. Two examples of this are,  ‘Charming cottage nestled in the heart of The Cotswolds’ or ‘Elegant Art Deco Home with Garden in Chelsea’. These titles describe the properties in an attractive and succinct way. 


The next thing to consider when writing your listing is who you are writing to. This may sound like an obvious one but as Airbnb offers such a multitude of places to stay in, it’s important that you know who your target audience is and how to talk to them. Somebody who is looking to rent a luxury city apartment may have different requirements and expectations to somebody who wants to book a nature retreat for example. Ensure that you are striking a balance between formality and friendliness and that you are familiar and comfortable with talking to your chosen audience. 


This comes hand in hand with knowing your audience as the tone of voice in which you write provides the reader with a lot of insight into you and your property before they have even stayed there. Be personable, approachable and professional. Airbnb works on a premise of transparency which includes reviews and often a positive review comes down to whether your space was accurately listed, met (or exceeded) the guests expectations and how well you communicated with them. 


Don’t forget that you know your property best.  Each building has a story to tell and you can decide how to tell it. Consider what makes your property distinctive and what you love about it. Our advice is to map out your space. Take a walk through your property and try to imagine what it would be like to visit it with fresh eyes. Once you have identified what makes your property unique then it will be easier to write your listing. The same applies to pinpointing the benefits of the location of your property. Is it that lovely local bistro or coffee shop nearby that makes you feel at home? Is it the fact that you are a stone’s throw away from a world-class museum? If you’re not sure, ask a friend to sit down with you and tell you what they find interesting about your space. Write bullet points and from there you’ve got the basis of your listing. 


With this in mind, it’s also really important to highlight what amenities your property offers to guests. Airbnb purposely has a graphic where the host can tick the amenities that they provide. Whilst some essential amenities for travellers are a given such as wifi, clean sheets and towels, there may be additional comforts that you are offering. Does your property have a washing machine and drying facilities? Empathise with what a traveller might need and provide accordingly. For business travellers, is there an ironing board?  What sort of appliances will be available, will there be crockery in the kitchen? One of the most attractive elements of Airbnb properties is that they can feel like a home away from home. Airbnb host Smilijka expresses this, We know what it is to live in someone else's space and pretend for a day or a week to have a life that is not quite your own. It is fun and exciting, but also homely in many respects, and I hope our guests will feel the same.’ Going that extra mile and providing access to Netflix for example will help your guests to kick back, relax and enjoy their surroundings. 
Be honest:

Most importantly, honesty is essential. If your property is located next to a main train line, mention it! If it’s above a jazz bar, mention it! A light sleeper will then be able to consider whether a different option may suit them better. It’s also incredibly important to have up to date photographs of your space. Your listing should work in combination with your photos which literally provide a picture of the furniture, decor and amenities on offer. This mutual openness will allow the guest to feel comfortable and happy that they have selected a place which suits their needs. It also builds trust between both parties. If you are upfront and honest, the guest is more likely to be too. It’s important that the guest knows what to expect when they arrive and your listing plays an essential part in this. 

Finally, be concise! Most people who are scrolling through Airbnb are doing so at the rapid rate that modern technology allows us to do. Many people don’t have time to read overly complicated listings. Try to avoid using an excessive amount of adjectives to describe something relatively straight forward. Your bullet points from the mapping exercise should be able to help you to keep on track and to write in a clear, concise and appealing way! Of course, as a professional property management company located in the heart of London, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to writing catchy and informative listings. If this is something that you would like us to do for you, then get in touch! We’d love to help you find the right words for your property.

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