A Guide On How to Photograph Your Airbnb for a Listing

When it comes to listing your space on Airbnb, high-quality photos will not only give you the edge over the other many properties listed on the platform but they are an essential and necessary step to get right from the beginning. In our digital age, people scroll through these photos at a high speed and they often make decisions based on what the space looks like. Research conducted by Airbnb shows that professional photographs increase earnings up to 40% and so its importance cannot be understated. Follow our tips below on how to get the best out of your space visually. ‍‍


Photos provide a literal picture of the space, layout and decor of the property that you are offering to guests. It is handy to include a floor plan within the listing to give your guests a greater insight into the flow of the house. Photographs will compliment this floorplan and enable a prospective guest to decide whether this place and its respective layout is right for them. ‍‍

Cleanliness ‍

This is a given with any rental property, but before photographing your space, ensure that it is clean and tidy! First impressions do matter and your guests want to know that the space that they are renting is kept in excellent condition. It’s also important to consider putting away any bric-a-brac or nonessential items that don’t add anything to the listing; Marie Kondo that space! ‍‍

Contemporary photos‍

You must have up to date photos of your Airbnb listing. If they are outdated this may lead to disappointing a guest’s expectations. Conversely, if you have made renovations and improvements to your property, it’s important to let the world know of its brilliance!‍

Light ‍

Our advice is to schedule your photography session in daylight on a sunny day! Light levels can dramatically transform a space (in both a good and bad way) so ensure that you are showing your property in its best light (literally!) Open the curtains and if your space is flooded with natural light then you’re good to go. If, however, there are corners that look a little dimmer, then turn on the lights to illuminate the space and make it more visually appealing. ‍‍


Photographs provide an opportunity to set the ambience of your space. If you read our other post on how to write an Airbnb listing, we highlighted that it is important to showcase the best of your house and include the personal details and amenities which people find interesting. Is there a lovely outdoor space or garden? An open plan kitchen with all the mod cons? A cosy fireplace for guests to put their feet up next to? Firstly make a list of the amenities that you offer, then get your camera ready to click away! As you will have a clean and tidy space, people love to hone in on the items that you have left out or decorated the area with. Is there an old map adorning the wall, a telescope perched in the living room or a collection of fascinating books waiting to be read? Make sure you include these things within your photos too!‍‍

Outside photos‍

Whilst what is on the inside counts, so does what is on the outside! Entice your guests to stay at your property by photographing some of the best local amenities and attractions. Located right next to Hyde Park? On the doorstep of the Natural History Museum? Situated in a leafy street with quaint cafes? Photograph it! What better way to show your guests around the neighbourhood even before they get there?

We hope that you found this guide useful! Whilst you can take your own photographs to document your space, this is also a professional service that StayInLondon provides as part of our property management services. We are experienced at photographing and listing your space online, taking the hassle out of it for you! If this is something you are interested in, we would love to help you.

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