UK roadmap out of lockdown and effect on short and medium-term rentals in London

In this blog post I talk about what the prime minister has announced on Monday, the roadmap out of lockdown and it's effect on short and medium-term rentals. It's good news - UK is now gradually moving out of lockdown, it seems it's the last lockdown and that has effected how people plan their holidays in the summer. I am very glad to say that our bookings for short-term and medium term rentals have have spiked immensely from Monday. I'm very hopeful this will continute. Of course, these are first cautious signs of improvement - people are planning to travel this summer and to visit London, visit their friends and families here.

Having spoken to a few of our future guests I can see that most of them are going to be visiting their families, who they couldn't visit during lockdown. These bookings are for May, June and July months.

If you are planning to go on holiday and would like to consider renting your London property out - get in touch with us to discuss your options for additional income.

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